Clorox | The go to app for cleaning

Finding meaning

We brainstormed with the Clorox team: what would be genuinely meaningful for a younger demographic?

Finding our target

We learned that our target audience was no longer predominantly women devoting their days to cleaning at home. Life is messier. And often on the go.


Clorox was heavily associated with bleach, whites and old ladies. They came to us to help create an app to rejuvenate the brand.

On-the-go tips

Everyone needs on-the-go tips for cleaning up messes. We upped it by recommending ingredients that are commonly found when you’re out and about.

Finding the humor

Even more, we wanted to give people the belly-bursting laugh that comes when you see life’s mishaps in perspective. Functional and funny, wrapped up in together.

Spread the laughter

We then migrated the app to Android. And reinvented the interface for the tablet.


For the first time in Clorox’s 100 year history, they received free promotional placements in major magazines.

Not to mention an Appy Award for Best Branded App.

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