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Vode provides high end lighting solutions for large settings. They asked us to design a website that would educate customers about their solutions and also allow lighting designers to spec complex systems on the fly.


Since everything was still on paper, we spent a lot of time looking through catalogues to understand the system. We tried to convince Vode that we needed some new lights for “field research” as well.


Our first step was to design a visual mega menu. Small sketches embedded in the megamenu help designers understand lay of the land, and easily get to things that peak their interest.

Spec Builder

The “spec builder” we designed takes designers through a multi-step, responsive journey.

Visual Cues

As you spec out each element, you can see an updated visual of your choices.


If you choose an item that is not compatible with a subsequent choice, the system not only lets you know, it explains the issue.


The system is also designed to be forgiving. If you can change your mind at any point, you don’t have to start again from the beginning.


And, there’s also an easy way to notate each and every step. Just in case someone questions your brilliant design.


The Vode team not only praised us for the beauty of the website, but also for the revolutionary impact on the business. The site streamlines the sales process, significantly reducing sales efforts – and making the lives of lighting designers much more delightful.

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