YouCaring | Kindness is powerful


YouCaring is the leading compassionate crowdfunding site, having raised over 200 million dollars for personal and charitable causes around the world.


YouCaring had grown explosively with little attention to their brand. They asked us to help redefine their brand to extend their reach and help even more people in need.


User research

We led a brand workshop, dug into the site metrics and created personality and aspiration surveys.

Then we created Personas based on both qualitiative and quantiative measures to help us understand who we wanted to reach.


Next, we created tone guidelines that defined the voice of YouCaring. We created lots of examples for a variety of contexts, to give the voice a full personality.


We’re not going to lie: reducing the complexity and richness of this company into three words was a challenge. But when we hit on it, the energy in the room was exhilarating.

YouCaring. Kindness is powerful.


In the words of the YouCaring team, they were pumped with the work we did.

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