When we’re not working behind a desk or toiling with design, we are usually outdoors. So if you were to pick up one of our phones you would be able to tell that we spend a lot of time on our bikes, in the snow, or near the coast.

1. Strava
Strava began as an app to keep track of bike routes. Since then it has expanded greatly and is now also a great resources for runners. To begin, the app is beautiful; the photography and seamless UI  and UX makes it a great tool. Registration is easy and once inside, the app uses GPS to track a users run or ride. Each user profile keeps a record of these routes with times, elevation changes, and other vital stats. But this is just the beginning, because once you are part of the Strava network, you have access to routes of every other user. Looking for a comfortable 30 mile ride with a slight elevation gain in Oakland or Berkeley? You can use their mobile or web map to find other user’s routes. You can race against yourself, tracking your time for your daily commute to see how many minutes you can shave off as you become a stronger rider, or learn about pedestrian friendly running paths in your neighborhood. The ease of use, expansiveness of the app and beautiful interface make it a great app for runners and cyclists.

2. Ski & Snow Report
It’s true we live miles from any decent mountain, but we make it a point to get to fresh powder whenever possible in the winter months. Whether it’s North Lake or South Lake Tahoe, it’s vital fellow skiers and boarders to know what conditions we can expect. There are plenty of mountains to choose from around the Bay Area and with only so many days of good skiing, it would be a shame to waste it at a mountain with few open lifts or a shallow base. Ski and Snow Report uses GPS to locate the mountains around you and provides up-to-date details about each resort. To begin it lets you know about opening day, then shows the inches at the base as well as the amount of new snowfall from that day. Digging deeper into the app, it provides details for each resort as to the number of lifts and trails that are open. It shows the amount of new snowfall from the previous five days so you can assess if that six hour drive from Berkeley is worthwhile. Lastly, the app provides weather conditions, a vital detail for drivers and skiers alike. It shows temperatures throughout the day as well as predictions for the following week. If you’ve got the winter blues and are ready to hit some fresh powder, try the Ski and Snow Report app to get you ready for your next mountain adventure.

3. Surf Report
While the leaves have changed colors and snow has begun to fall, we didn’t want the winter weather to chase away the great surf app from Oakley. It is not an overly complex app; focusing on weather and water condition world wide. However, similarly to Strava, the UI and UX have been thought through thoroughly and the color palette and typography are clean and modern, while keeping the user engaged. The initial design of the app allows users a basic overview of conditions in their area and then allows them to dig deeper, viewing wave conditions throughout the day, wind speeds, and general analysis of the area. While it may not be wet suit season at the moment (except for those fearless few) it is a great app to have when the seasons change again and you find yourself back in the water paddling out beyond the break.