I won’t bore you with the gory details of Drupalcon SF, as it seems every other blog on the Drupal planet is doing (yes, we KNOW it’s coming up and we know for sure that it will be AWESOME).

Anyway, Boldium (specifically, me, Dmitri Gaskin) has two session proposals: Drush and the Introduction to Theming. Both should be a whole lot of fun and very awesome, so you should go vote on them!

The Drush session will pretty much cover everything you need to know about Drush. Drush, which is short for Drupal Shell, is the most awesome thing since sliced Drupal. It allows you to control your site from the command line and do all kinds of cool stuff. I’ll also be showing how to use my module Drush Make, which is receiving a lot of hype.

I’ve given the Introduction to Theming talk twice before: once at BADCamp ’07 and again at BADCamp ’09. Both times, there was a a standing-room only audience. In this talk, I cover the basics of theming that anyone will need to know. This will be a hands-on session that requires no knowledge of PHP.