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Helping students take control of their finances

Chegg's on a mission to help students succeed in every aspect of their lives. That includes finances, especially given that more than a million people default on student loans a year. We partnered with C\R Strategy Partners to design a financial learning platform tailored to students.

The key insight

The biggest obstacle seemed to be time. While students said they knew it's important to take control of their finances, they complained they couldn't find the time. Bottom line: learning about finances is difficult and boring.

The bold strategy

To break through, we needed to radically rethink the best way to design a learning platform for 21st century students. The key was to serves up snackable, bite-sized answers to financial questions, one chat bubble at a time. And entice students to go deeper with a menu of in-the-moment relevant questions.

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As easy as chatting. As robust as a textbook.

We designed the site with the look and feel of chat to meet them where they are at. They can ask a question and get a quick answer. Then we pull them deeper into the content by intriguing them with another question they might have, and another, and then another. Through machine learning, the site gets better and better at predicting which questions students will want to ask next.

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Mobile views of Chegg Money article page

Thousands of questions, answered.

The problem with seeking out financial answers is that there’s a lot of misinformation on the internet. We wanted to start from a place of trust and also meet students where they are. So we designed an experience that would provide super quick, expert answers to thousands of questions.

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Every money moment covered.

We helped identify significant situations that students commonly face in their financial life and coined them “Money Moments.” From paying for college to negotiating their first salary to handling money with their partner. Each “Money Moment” contains every question they ever wanted to ask but were too afraid they’d end up with a headache. Short, expert, and entertaining, the answers meet students wherever they are in their journey, helping them navigate their future from a position of financial knowledge.

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