How to move people to action?

The Challenge

The news often enrages us, but we rarely take action. We set out to change that with our partners at Sparkt. How could we get people to change the world, one news article at a time?

The color of spark

We build the brand from ground up. From the name to the logo to the color pallete, we instilled a feeling of vibrancy, inclusivity and spark.

Start local, stay local

Others who had tried to create an action-oriented news site before had taken a global perspective. While thinking globally is important, people have a tendency to care more about their own backyards.

Story writing 101 (in 10 seconds)

One thing that moves people to action is a deeply moving story. Yet, the truth is that not everyone’s a great storyteller. We designed coaching into the experience to help everyone become a great storyteller.

Make an ask

Another thing that moves people to action is simply the ask. Problem is, people often don’t know how to ask for help, or they get awkward about it. We normalized asking for help by simplifying and streamlining it.

A picture is worth 1000 words

Finally, looks are important. We make decisions with our emotions. We designed the article page so that they would look more professional and inspiring than your average user-generated social media content site.

"Boldium is an incredible creative partner

We went to them with a vision and product concept, and together we brought that vision to life in a deeply collaborative process. Remarkably, Boldium takes deep ownership of the outcomes enabling us to work together as a dynamic team at every stage of development.”

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