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Autodesk came to us with a challenge. Lots of people download free trials of their software and then drop off the planet.


We started with research: interviews, analytics, and fumbling around the software. People get easily discouraged. (We understand.

We realized there’s an incredible opportunity to make inspiration an integral part of the value proposition of the software. Inspiring people to reach their dreams would benefit everyone.

We also discovered that when people seek Support, they are more likely to convert. By double digits.


We crafted an ecosystem of AutoCAD enthusiasts who were willing to help beginners ramp up. The key to success was to craft a personable tone. This represented a significant break from the past.

From headlines to descriptions, it felt like a real person talking.

We also told the real stories of the AutoCAD “Mentors.” From struggle to triumph, we let Autodesk customers inspire others to believe in themselves and reach their dreams

If I did it, so can you!

The stories, indeed, were inspiring: one AutoCAD expert started off in a factory canning fish. An injury “inspired” him to take a few classes. A few years later he was designing waterways. Fish loved ’em!

The results

The campaign prompted a company wide shift towards a more personable tone.

And Autodesk asked us to spread the campaign across over 25 products.

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