A place to call home

Benchmark Communities: Website

Neighborhoods over homes

Benchmark asked us to update their online presence and differentiate their brand. They design thriving communities and great houses in a marketplace dominated by (meh…) cookie-cutter developments.

We asked around

Turns out Benchmark buyers value a friendly, safe neighborhood above everything else. That clinched it. We reprioritized the website to focus on telling the story of how everything from public spaces to front porches are thoughtfully designed to promote interaction. Hello, new friend.

Dog videos, of course

We created a video to showcase the neighborly vibe of a well-designed community and create an emotional connection to the brand in the matter of seconds. Even the dog smiled for the camera.

Collaborate and share

Finding a home is usually a group effort, so we added collaboration tools. Family members can sign in and prioritize things like views or square footage.
Like, save, share promising listings. Building a connection with a home is a process. Bonus: those sign-ins become Benchmark leads.

Meet the neighbors

Benchmark owners are an enthusiastic bunch, so we let them speak for themselves on community-level pages. Authenticity is important. We used photos of actual residents, too.

Build something amazing

Drop us a line and let’s set up a time to chat.