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While California Closets sells storage solutions, the deeper experience is about peace of mind.


How to communicate the amazing emotional benefit you get from of a great storage solution?

The Audience

We started by trying to understand the audience more deeply. Using both qualitative and quantitative methodologies, we created five personas.

The profiles describe not only the target’s buying habits, but they go a level deeper and describe their emotional drivers.


We then created scenarios for each of the five personas that captured them relaxing in their homes.

Our goal was to highlight people enjoying themselves at home as a result of great storage solutions.


Every angle, every light, every movement, was about creating the right mood. Light, easy, peaceful, relaxing.

Taking off your shoes after work and putting them into the empty spot on the shoe shelf. Pulling just the right book off shelf to read to your daughter. This is the stuff of life. The stuff that makes California Closets magical.

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