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Cisco was facing a significant challenge with cheating on certification exams.


Cisco tasked us with creating nothing short of a cultural movement: reset ethical behavior as a company norm.


Our approach was to research methods that have proven successful in reducing cheating. We recruited Dan Ariely, a researcher from Duke whose done incredible work in the field, to collaborate with us on the project.

One of Ariely’s experiments, for example, showed that reminding people not to cheat before an exam reduces cheating by up to 40%.


But we knew reminders wouldn’t bring about a cultural revolution. The experience had to attract people to have a strong impact.

Potato chips

So we concepted a series of short, funny videos. The idea was that people would watch and share them like potato chips, while we spread a message of honesty.

Geek and global

Humor is always difficult–but we knew it would be especially difficult to pull off for an audience that was geek and global. We convinced one of the lead writers of the Big Bang Theory to jump on board.

14 Videos

Each video starts with an ethical reminder, followed by a humorous skit that enacts the reminder.

Rave reviews

“Dream team!”
(We love accolades from our clients.)

The videos also won a Communicator Award for Social Responsibility.

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