Cisco | On-the-fly solutions


Cisco came to us with a great challenge: Create a tablet app to help Small Business Partners sell complex networking solutions more efficiently.


First we immersed ourselves in the life of a Partner. It’s no small challenge to stay up to date with the rapidly changing product line. Not to mention creating on-the-fly solutions. And, sure would be nice to make the routers look sexy. (Seriously.)

Simple and Connected

We designed the app to help Partners learn and present solutions while also helping them connect with customers. The experience starts with an interactive wizard where you interview customers about their needs.

You can then easily walk through the appropriate solution, take a deep dive into any section, and customize it further. Oh, and you can also swivel gorgeous 3D shots of hardware. Oh yeah!

Behind the scenes

We put as much love into the backend as the front end. We wanted to make sure it was dead simple to keep the product line up to date.


Partners raved about the app. So much so that Cisco asked us to create a sister app for MidMarket.

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