Finding Rover | Creating a movement


Finding Rover is a free app that uses facial recognition to save lost dogs. Once everyone downloads the app, the millions of dogs who go lost every year will literally be saved.

Our job was to start the movement.



We started by testing twelve combinations of taglines and cutes puppy pictures, and tested them with Facebook ads to validate which was most successful.

We were able to nail which type of post was successful for which demographic. We then targeted specific demographics with specific postings.



Through this process, we lowered the average post price by 120%.

Dogs love us

We knew it would take more than digital marketing to energize the movement, so we went guerilla. You know the “People love us on Yelp” stickers?

We created a “Dogs love us on Finding Rover” campaign.


Follow the dog prints

To get stores on board, we created a Partner Promotion Package: a bright orange dog bowl, brochures featuring local dog friendly business, chalk dog prints on the sidewalk leading to your door, and of course, the sticker.

Finding Rover on tour

We also created a design for a huge bus with irresistibly cute photos of dogs. And a live stream of snapshots of dog lovers across the country. Everyone deserves their 15 minutes.


Thousands of furry friends protected. What could be better than that?

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