Finding Rover | The app that saves dogs


Around 7 million dogs are lost each year, and only a small fraction ever make it back home.


Innovator John Polimeno asked us to design and build an app to bring his brilliant idea–facial recognition for dogs–come to life.


See a lost dog? Snap a photo, our app does a quick search and pulls up the owner. Done!

While simplicity was key, taking a good, frontal facing photo of the dog is a challenge. So we came up with the “the bark button.” Tap it right before you snap the photo, and the phone barks “cheese” in doggy language. It gets dogs to look into the phone almost every time!


The app had to be coded on a startup budget, and it had to be able to scale instantly. Our approach was to move as much code onto the cloud as possible. That way, we can keep optimizing and updating the app as the community grows, without bothering the user.

The results

Finding Rover took home 2 Communicator Awards.
But what really counts is the countless dogs that are being returned home safely every day.

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