SFJazz | Robust and smooth


As the world’s leading jazz institution with over 300 performances a year, SFJAZZ needed a site that felt smooth, but could handle some serious heavy lifting.

The site needed to seamlessly integrate performance promotion, ticket sales, and education. And perhaps even more importantly, inspire donations for a world class performance center.


Dusting off our old vinyl of “A Love Supreme,” we listened not only to the music, but to the incredible people in the community. How could we help SFJAZZ inspire people to engage on all these levels in a way that felt smooth?

The spotlights

In a non-traditional move, we designed the hero space with 2 CTA’s: buy tickets to an upcoming show… and donate.  The buttons are made to feel separate and yet together, like two melodies that harmonize together.


Behind the curtain

The back-end is beautifully simple so that the good people of SFJAZZ can easily keep the concert schedules up to date. After launch, they never picked up the phone once to ask for help. (Pity, cause we missed them!)

The Applause

The site design inspired so many people to donate to the building campaign that SFJAZZ opened the first stand-alone structure devoted to jazz in the country. 36,000 square feet (plus a website) of jazz. Ahhh.

Let's talk

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