3D Virtual Reality, Like Magic

vCAD: Logo

2D to 3D? Easy does it.

vCAD is a cloud-based tool that converts CAD files to 3D virtual reality, instantly. Really, there’s nothing to do but upload, then enjoy your design in 3D using a mobile headset. The one-step conversion process is magically simple, and the company wanted the logo to suggest this.

We created a simple form that is also an optical illusion—it appears to be either 2D or 3D, depending on your gaze.

Change is natural

The color gradient hints at the fluid conversion of a design file


The color of calm

vCAD works with a one-button headset, so unlike other (back and forth, up and down) systems it does not cause motion sickness. Shades of blue suggest a calm and comfortable user experience.

Make your mark

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