Vectra | Branding security


With a brilliant team of engineers and a revolutionary approach to security, Vectra needed a name and brand that could stand up to their mission.



Through a discovery process, we landed on four values that are core to the company: responsiveness, transparency, simplicity and security.

Our goal was to create branding that evoked all of these.

Science and Art

We approached the naming process as both science and art. We scoured the landscape for a list of relevant words, roots, pre-fixes and endings. Then we created hundreds of combinations.

One name practically jumped out of the list: Vectra.

Turn on the visual

The iconographic logo is both simple and dynamic. It combines the V and A into a line graph, symbolizing the always-on security monitoring of the company. And when you roll-over, it’s moves.

Security that thinks

The visual branding of the website also emphasizes simplicity and responsiveness. We also used transparencies to represent the systems they install–intuitive and insightful.

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