Boldium and Finding Rover win Communicator Award for Mobile App Design and Development

A mobile app that saves dogs’ lives? Really! Boldium and Finding Rover won a Communicator Award for the Design and Development of the mobile app Finding Rover. Did you know some 7 million dogs are lost every year in the United States, and only a fraction ever return home? Enter facial recognition for dogs and mobile app technology, and this number is soon to drop dramatically. Boldium and Finding Rover received the Silver Award of Distinction for app design and development for Finding Rover. Read More

Best Sports Apps

When we’re not working behind a desk or toiling with design, we are usually outdoors. So if you were to pick up one of our phones you would be able to tell that we spend a lot of time on our bikes, in the snow, or near the coast. Read More

Best Apps of 2013

As an agency that develops mobile applications, we often spend our lunchtime geeking out about apps. We love looking at how other app developers innovate solutions and solve tough problems. And okay, we love ripping apart bad designs too. Read More

Cloud Services in the Agency World

What if you had a great app idea that involved building the type of social networking features we’ve all come to love in Instagram and Facebook, and you wanted it to scale to millions of users in the first year and it needed to be developed in a matter of months. Read More

Our freshly minted iPhone app: Clorox myStain

We are very excited about our newest iPhone app for Clorox: myStain. It’s a useful, slick app that helps you figure out how to remove stains. Ever wondered how to remove ink stains? ( I have – okay, more than once.) The app gives lots of really useful advice - especially when you're on-the-go. Like… ever knew you could use hand sanitizer to remove ink stains – who would have thought? Read More

Boldium and Cisco win Communicator Award for Viral Videos

Funny viral videos meet ethical reminders! Boldium and Cisco won the prestigious Communicator Award, the leading international awards program honoring communications and marketing that make a lasting impact. The Silver Award was given for a viral video series aimed to curb cheating on Cisco's Certification Exams. Boldium partnered with a team of academics, including Dan Ariely and Francesca Gino, and Big Bang writer David Geotsch, to create videos that inspires people to act with integrity. Read More

Best News Apps 2013

It looks like we’re in the midst of a radical shift in the delivery of news – and 2013 has brought a bunch of innovative solutions to help. Read More

Mobile App Analytics – Google Analytics’ New Estimated Cross-Device Conversions

This month the Google Adwords team announced a new “Estimated Total Conversions” metric to help marketers gain more insight into the performance of Adwords campaigns. One of the more exciting parts of this new feature is the ability to estimate cross-device conversions that result from paid search activity. Read More

Our Clorox myStain won an Appy Award!

myStain was recognized by MediaPost as the best "Branded Content App" at the 2012 Appy Awards in San Francisco on Monday. The competition in the category was stiff. The other finalists included Pixar's Puss in Boots by Movie Storybook and Time2Brush by Brunner for GSK Aquafresh, also great apps. Read More

Boldium at Drupalcon

I won't bore you with the gory details of Drupalcon SF, as it seems every other blog on the Drupal planet is doing (yes, we KNOW it's coming up and we know for sure that it will be AWESOME). Anyway, Boldium (specifically, me, Dmitri Gaskin) has two session proposals: Drush and the Introduction to Theming. Both should be a whole lot of fun and very awesome, so you should go vote on them! Read More

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