Monster's Better Thing

What if job seekers had all the power?

The Challenge

Everyone hates searching for a job. While Monster once ruled the scene, they were getting outdone by competitors. Monster asked us to revolutionize the way we get jobs. Finally.

The big idea

Make the experience better than anything else for one side of the marketplace, the job seekers. We went through each an every little step of the process and improved it, even when this meant leaning on employers a little. If job seekers loved it, we knew employers would follow.

Less is bold

For the initial phase, we focused on one vertical – truck drivers. That way, we could attend to many more details that would make the process better, way better, leaps and bounds better. We created branding that was both specific and could be generalized.

Eliminate applications

Filling out applications was the number one complaint. On competitor platforms, seekers had to apply again and again... and again. We scrapped that. Fill out your preferences and deets, get verified, and never fill out an application again.

You decide who to interview

If you’re matched with a job you like, you can schedule an interview right in the app. No more waiting to see if they want to interview you.

Waiting? Gone.

If you’re matched with an employer who’s online, you can get a phone interview right then and there. As in, right now.

“Boldium challenges you to think of other angles and perspectives

Their range of expertise has helped fill multiple needs as we moved from ideation to pilot to post-launch.”

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